Château Duplessy is named after a family who settled in the Bordelais in the 16th century and were members of parliament.

We know for certain the vineyards of Château Duplessy have existed since 1728.

The present owners, Josiane and Willi Liebherr, have restored and modernised the château while respecting its historic architecture.


Our vineyards surround the château extending over the outlying hills near the Garonne river.
The Château Duplessy and its wine cellars lie within the area of the “Appellation AOC des Grands Vins de Bordeaux” situated 15 km south of Bordeaux, about 20 km from Bordeaux Mérignac airport.


Our vines have excellent sun exposure, facing south-south west, planted in gravel clay soil with clay limestone subsoil.


For the production of our red wines, the grape types are composed of the three noble grape varieties of the Bordeaux region in the following proportions:

Merlot 70%, Cabernet Sauvignon 15%, Cabernet Franc 15%.

For our white wines:

Sémillon 20%, Sauvignon Blanc 70%, Muscadelle 5%, Sauvignon Gris 5%.

The average age of the vines is 30 years.


The grapes are entirely hand-picked according to tradition. Upon reaching maturity, about thirty grape-pickers collect the grapes into small crates which are immediately transported to our own wine-making facilities.


Since 2010 the owners have chosen to cultivate the vineyards according to the principles of environmentally respectful organic viticulture, using only natural products for organic winemaking.

In 2014 the Bio-Ecocert label was granted.

As from the 2018 vintage, a further step was taken by opting for biodynamic viticulture.


The finest berries are selected by hand on a sorting table for the whole harvest. This guarantees the best quality.


Our stainless steel fermentation vats come in various sizes, in order to distinguish the original vineyard plots. In this way the resulting variations in wine produced from each area can be handled differently.

The vats are thermo-regulated, with temperature constantly controlled by our cellar master to ensure conservation of the aromas of our wines.


After completion of the process of alcoholic and maloalcoholic fermentation, the wine is transferred towards the end of December into barrels made exclusively of French oak.


We have chosen to carry out wine casking into barrels from Bordeaux as follows: 1/3 of the yield goes into new barrels, 1/3 into barrels aged two years, and the final 1/3 into barrels aged three years maximum.


In our wine cellars we use an automatic bottling system. After filling, the remaining air in the bottle neck is extracted in order to ensure optimum conservation and wine aging.

Corks made of extra high quality cork are used for Château Duplessy’s wines.


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